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How to Really Make a Difference in the World


What are the Rewards?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Self Actualization

The Vision



The Pyramid


  We're Hiring!



Do You Make the Grade?

Yes, ThreeWorldWars is hiring, but this opportunity is so far removed from a normal job that only 1 person in less than 100,000 will qualify.  Could that be you?

Although the rewards are out of this world, you will be subject to a series of Elimination Rounds, and believe me, these are harsh.  None of the politically correct clap-trap you'll find in today's job market.

The Rewards

So what's in it for you?

This is where Elimination Round 1 starts, because there is no financial reward.  I am looking for volunteers who will not be paid for their time.

Still reading?  Excellent.

There are two rewards for you, which I believe are far more exciting than mere financial incentives.

  1. An opportunity to contribute to a greater cause, thus meeting Maslow's highest need: self actualization;
  2. A guaranteed safe haven for you to escape to when WW3 affects you personally.  The first haven exists already on an idyllic island in the Andaman Sea, and there are a number of other havens planned around the world.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Maslow's primary contribution to psychology is his Hierarchy of Human Needs, which he often presented as a pyramid, with self-actualization at the top as the highest of those needs. The base of the pyramid is the physiological needs, which are necessary for survival. Once these are taken care of, an individual can concentrate on the second layer, the need for safety and security. The third layer is the need for love and belonging, followed by the need for esteem. Finally, self-actualization forms the apex of the pyramid.

In this scheme, the first four layers are what Maslow called deficiency needs or D-needs. If they are not filled, you feel anxiety and attempt to fill them. If they are filled, you feel nothing; you feel only the lack. Each layer also takes precedence over the layer above it; you do not feel the lack of safety and security until your physiological needs are taken care of, for example. In Maslow's terminology, a need does not become salient until the needs below it are met.

Needs beyond the D-needs are "growth needs", "being values" or B-needs. When fulfilled, they do not go away, rather, they motivate further. He outlines about 14 of these values or B-needs, including beauty, meaning, truth, wholeness, justice, order, simplicity, richness, etc.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels: the four lower levels are grouped together as deficiency needs, while the top level is termed being needs. While our deficiency needs must be met, our being needs are continually shaping our behavior. The basic concept is that the higher needs in this hierarchy only come into focus once all the needs that are lower down in the pyramid are mainly or entirely satisfied. Growth forces create upward movement in the hierarchy, whereas regressive forces push prepotent needs further down the hierarchy.


Self-actualization (a term originated by Kurt Goldstein) is the instinctual need of a human to make the most of their unique abilities. Maslow described it as follows:

A musician must make music, the artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualisation. (Motivation and Personality, 1954.)

Elimination Round 2

In order to join the unique group of volunteers you will need to define yourself as Maslow defined self-actualizing people:

  • They embrace the facts and realities of the world (including themselves) rather than denying or avoiding them.
  • They are spontaneous in their ideas and actions.
  • They are creative.
  • They are interested in solving problems; this often includes the problems of others. Solving these problems is often a key focus in their lives.
  • They feel a closeness to other people, and generally appreciate life.
  • They have a system of morality that is fully internalized and independent of external authority.
  • They judge others without prejudice, in a way that can be termed objective.

Does that describe you?  Excellent.

So what is all this about?

The Vision

When I first launched this site in July 2003, I didn't have a clear plan or vision for where I wanted to go with the site.  However, in July 2004 I experienced a number of profound personal epiphanies while traveling through Thailand and Malaysia.  I documented the process I (accidentally) went through and called it 'How to Find the Purpose of Your Life'.

The end result of that process is a vision which aims to provide achievable freedom in an un-free world: a method of living primarily or alternatively, independent of the system, or ‘under the radar’.  What I'd like to do is rely on others to convert the ‘sheeple’ and focus on providing the next logical progression for ‘thindivs’.

(Sheeple: The vast majority who are oblivious to real current events. People who are like sheep & allow others to think for them.
Thindivs: Thinking Independent Individuals who have understood reality but may require guidance in opting out.)

The Freedom Technology Email Seminar is the first phase of a 3-phase project which aims to achieve this current vision.

So what is the full vision?

If you've read this far you will likely be interested in the bigger picture, and I hope I've piqued your interest.  In a minute you'll be invited to download a presentation of the vision, and which will explain the next steps.


Positions are available to anyone, anywhere in the world, with almost any qualifications.  Age, race and sex are irrelevant.  Desire and motivation are paramount.

Work will be done from your home or office using a computer.

There are a number of prerequisites:

  • A desire to meet your self actualization needs;
  • Proficiency in English (if your grammar is poor, please don't apply);
  • Access to a computer and the Internet;
  • A time commitment of at least 10 hours per week;
  • Ability to work with little supervision;
  • Broad (not necessarily full) acceptance of my belief system;
  • Completion of the FT Email Seminar (if you have recently subscribed and not completed, that's acceptable);
  • A sense of excitement when you read the vision (don't worry, I'm going to give it to you soon!)


Here is a partial list of the roles we need filled:

  • Business Advisor (ideally skilled in online marketing)
  • Web maintenance, development & SEO skills
  • Forum moderators
  • Admin skills (customer service)
  • Marketing skills (mainly online sales letters)
  • Info and DVD product creation (ghostwriters)
  • Legal (only to highlight risks, not complicate)

The Freedom Technology Pyramid

The following graphic illustrates where in the Pyramid you will be slotting in.

OK, if you're still reading you're obviously interested in finding out more.

I'm looking forward to you joining us!



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