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  Frequently Asked Questions


Listed below are questions which I am asked most frequently.  Please check to see whether your question is answered below before contacting me - it saves you and me time.  Another method of having your question answered, and by far the quickest, is to visit our wonderfully supportive community in the Forum.  There are people with fantastic input just waiting to help! 

OK, on to the questions many others have asked.

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Q. Why isn't your site as detailed as other World War sites?  I can't complete my research unless you provide more detail.  Why is some or other vital piece of information missing?

A. Unlike other sites who can afford to focus on a specific war and thus provide far more detail than I do, my intention is to provide a 'helicopter view' of the true causes behind each World War, not to provide detailed statistics on each.  If you're looking for information to complete a school assignment, I strongly suggest you read my disclaimer.  If you've done that and are still looking for more information, feel free to use the same research I used in preparing for this site, including timelines, casualties, leaders and countries involved.  Help yourself at my Download Page.


Q.  Where can I see a copy of Albert Pike's letter about the planned Three World Wars to Mazzini? / Does the Mazzini letter exist? / How could the letter mention Fascism when it was supposed to be written in 1871, before Mussolini started the fascist army? **

A.  Please see my note about this letter here.  There is also a detailed discussion about it in the Forum.

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Q.  The statistics you quote: Why are they inaccurate/incomplete/missing?*  Why have you not mentioned [insert my favorite topic]?

A.  Firstly, apologies for not including your favorite statistic/topic - it is NOT intentional!  Hopefully you can understand that an undertaking like this is vast, and will never be fully complete.  Please contact me and (nicely) point out any omissions - I am more than happy to update the site after checking the sources you provide.  All I ask is that you provide as much detail as possible, with links where possible to validate the omission. 

Secondly, please keep in mind that this is not meant to be an exhaustive compendium of World War facts.  There are other sites that do a far better job than I can (see download page for details).  However, hopefully what I've provided here is sufficient for you to understand HOW and WHY world wars occur.

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Q.  If what you're saying is true, is it safe for me to register with your forum and sign up for your newsletter - could I not be compromising my safety by providing my details? 

A.  In short, it is not recommended to provide all your real contact details when registering.  You should never take online privacy for granted.  While I believe it is currently safe to visit this and other conspiracy sites, such visits could be recorded at any time by your ISP and used as evidence against you when and if your government decides to take action against infidels like you and me.  There are many ways you can protect your privacy online and I have detailed some of them here

Are your personal details safe with me?  As far as I have control over access to your details by third parties, absolutely yes.  Privacy is paramount for me, and I will treat your personal details as carefully as I treat my own personal information. I have very little respect for government authorities, so 'they' would have to find me first before I handed over any of your details.  I suspect they will shut down the site before they could force me to disclose your details.  Your email address is not stored on my computer, so there is no risk of your details being found if my computer ever falls into the wrong hands.

As for your email address being sold or rented to anyone other than myself, our relationship is far more valuable to me than any price I could get for selling your details.  I also hate spam email with a passion, and would never do anything that contributes to furthering spam.  So, your email address is safe with me.

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 Q.  If what you're saying is true, surely your life is in danger - are you not scared of being tracked down and eliminated?

A.  The Scriptures warn us that we must not hide our light under a bushel, and I've seen far too many churches and others in positions of responsibility doing exactly that: hiding the light of the truth by not teaching the concept of Conspiratorial History.  People who are honest and sincere, and have no ulterior motives, do not go underground.  They stand up to be counted and take the consequences, knowing that the worst that can happen is their mortal lives can be taken.

In short, no I don't fear for my life.  I believe I'm fulfilling a purpose and I believe this is what God wants me to do.  His purpose may include my death as a result of this work and if that is the case I gladly accept it.  That said, I do take as many precautions as I can to ensure my privacy, and it's something you should do too.

There is a second part to this answer:  I believe that the plan for Three World Wars is well developed and almost complete, and those engaged in the carrying out of these plans are no longer concerned by the puny efforts this and other conspiracy websites make to expose their schemes.  In this respect they are somewhat arrogant, believing that no matter how many times their scheme is exposed, it's too late for anyone to stop the inevitable outcome.  For that reason alone, 'they' won't concern themselves with people like myself.

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Q.  If what you're saying is true, it's obvious that I need to do something to protect myself and my family and top prepare for the coming tough times, but I don't know where to start.  Can you help?

A.  This is the question I'm most often asked, so I've written a short report giving ideas and suggestions about how to prepare.  I've also provided a collection of useful resources which I've tried and tested and can highly recommend.  Here are my suggestions to prepare for the coming World War Three, but please use this purely as a starting point to develop your own plan.

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Q.  I've subscribed to your newsletter, but I'm not receiving it - what's going on?

A.  It's more than likely being filtered by an aggressive filter implemented by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  There are a few things you can check to ensure you never miss an issue of these valuable updates:

For Yahoo! Mail Users: If the confirmation mail is filtered to your 'bulk' folder, open the message and click on the "this is not Spam" link next to the "From" field.
For Hotmail Users: Place the domain on your Safe List, so that you can receive my free reports and follow up e-mails. You can access the Safe List via the "Options" link next to the main menu tabs.
For AOL Users: Place the domain in your Address Book.
Some spam filters use White Lists: Place the domain on the filter's whitelist. You may need to search a filter's help for how to do this -- and depending on the software or version, they may call it a "whitelist," a "good list" or other similar name.

Sorry for the trouble, but these circumstances are beyond my control. All I can do is work together with the ISPs to shut out the REAL spammers and let the legitimate email through!

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Q. Can I copy your site?  Does the site have any copyright?

A. You are encouraged to spread the word as far and wide as possible.  All emails sent by me may be forwarded freely provided they are sent unchanged. 

The content of any article on this site may be copied in full, without specific permission, when used only in a not-for-profit format. An active hyperlink back to is required.  If any other use is desired, permission in writing from the webmaster of is required.  Although I don't require it, you might want to include the following as a footer at the end of the article or quote:

2005 and beyond - Three World 
(reproduced with permission)

The layout and design of this site, including the home page, blog and forum are copyrighted by and may not be copied.

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Q.  Why did you name your site Three World Wars - why not Four?

A.  I'm an old man, and I'll be dead before WW4 comes along.

Actually, I don't believe there'll be another world war.  The WWIII currently underway is the last and final war, which could very well end it for all of us...

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Q.  What are your sources? / Do you have a bibliography?

A.  As far as references are concerned, I have a small problem. In short, I hated to annotate, footnote, etc. in college, and it's a habit that has stayed with me. It's wrong and I'm sorry. I've wished that I could go back and change it, but I can't.

Consider this: I have used many hundreds (possibly thousands) of sources for this website, and the information has been gathered over many years of research. If I had properly cited and annotated, the site would easily be double the size it is, making it very cluttered.

So unfortunately, I am not able to give you the source material. In fact, all I can tell you is that I take my research very seriously, and you'll notice I don't simply copy other people's work, although I am often copied. There have been people that have contacted me about errors, and if I could verify their contention I have corrected it as soon as possible. I have also identified some of the urban legends which have become part of the end-time scenario, which I have corrected. So, I have tried my best to present as accurate a picture as I can.

Resources I have found extremely valuable and which you can quite safely quote as sources, are as follows:

  1. The Unseen Hand - An Introduction to the Conspiratorial Nature of History by A. Ralph Epperson:

  2. Hitler's War 1939-1942 and Hitler's War 1942-1945 by David Irving (very difficult to find since both books have been banned in most countries because of the accuracy of his (revisionist) account. ISBN 0 333 35791 4 and ISBN 0 333 35792 2. You can read about this author and the book at Conspiracy Penpal, and I'm sure you could find the books on eBay or other Internet search engines.  Order direct from UK publisher, or you can download free.  The original 1977 edition has been scanned and converted into 42 chapters in html format.

  3. The Armageddon Script by Peter Lemesurier:

  4. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper:

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Q.  OK, I've read everything on your site, and don't really understand the purpose of this grand plan.  Why 3 World Wars?  Why a New World Order?  What's going on?  Who benefits from all of this?

A.  What an excellent question - clearly an indication you've been thinking.  Unfortunately the answer is not an easy one.  I'm currently working on my understanding of an answer, and it should be ready some time soon.  Please subscribe to the newsletter if you'd like to be notified once I publish it - all subscribers will receive this booklet free of charge once it's published.

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Q.  What are your beliefs? / Are you a Christian? / Do you believe in God? / Why do you spread so much doom and gloom?  Didn't Jesus teach us to spread the good news? **

A.  I'll keep this short, because I don't wish to entertain arguments about this.  Yes, I am a Christian, albeit non-traditional, who enjoys a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  My background is Baptist.  I do, however, disagree strongly with many current Christian beliefs, because they are clearly not Scriptural.  Many churches err significantly in what is taught, and the vast majority of church leaders have no clue about what's really happening in the world today, or refuse to preach it because they fear the consequences.  Because of this, many non-Christians are fed-up with the wishy-washy attitude Christians have, and will not be prepared to read a website which carries an overt Christian message.  The purpose of this site is not to convert non-believers.  The purpose of this site is to provide thought-provoking material for all, believers and non-believers, of whatever race or religion you may be. 

If you are looking for overtly Christian sites with a similar message, here's a good place to start.

I have thought and prayed long and hard about this, so please don't email me telling me I'll burn in hell because I'm not doing what Jesus commanded.  Your email will simply be deleted and you will not influence my thinking in the slightest, so you'll be wasting your time and mine.  If you feel so strongly about it, may I suggest that you direct your efforts to setting up your own website, with what you believe to be the 'good news'.

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Q.  Can I contribute in any way?

A.  I am also always on the lookout for unique and interesting articles, to be published in the Blog.  If you have written something or have seen something worthwhile (i.e. not regurgitated news copied from a controlled media site), please do send it to me using the Contact page.

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Q.  Is available in other languages?

A.  Unfortunately no, although plans are afoot, and if you can help I'd be most grateful.  A French translation is currently underway on a volunteer basis by Thomas Delerm of Paris, France and future translations into Spanish, German and Simplified Chinese are planned, but no timescale is set yet. 

If you are interested in offering your services to assist, I'd be most grateful if you would contact me.  Your efforts will help in spreading the word far and wide!

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Q. My Grandfather/Father/Uncle* fought in one of the wars with the 542nd/51st/12th** Battalion; where do I find information about him and his unit?

A. OK, you win - I'm stumped, where DO you find information on them?

Use Internet search engines (try using several e.g. google, altavista, hotbot).  Your local library should be able to help with those old-fashioned things called books.  I can't help.

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Q.  I have to do an assignment for school by writing an essay about some aspect of either WWI or WWII - can you do it for me because I'm too lazy to research it properly and I want to play Quake3/Sega/Playstation2* instead?

A. No.  I could wax lyrical about my reasons not to do so, but I can't be bothered.  See my Download Page for resources that may be of help.

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Q. I need to do a project on [insert subject here] - can you send me information about this topic?

A. No - go away!  Unfortunately I don't have a huge repository of World War information ready to send out, and even if I did, the cost of doing so would make me even more broke than I already am.  Most of my information is contained in those old fashioned things called books, and I don't have time or the inclination to transcribe or scan the text from these books to send to you.  If you'd like more detailed information, see my Download Page.

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*    delete as appropriate

**  or something similar


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