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  Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Your Beliefs?

Listed below are questions which I am asked most frequently about what I believe.  Other Categories can be found here.

Perhaps the most important reference point you can have for the site is my broad framework, or paradigm, which is thus:

  • There is a plan for world domination.
  • It has existed for more than 4 generations.
  • The plan is demonically inspired, hence the consistency in following it from generation to generation.
  • The battle we see on earth is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle.
  • Today's leaders are unwittingly guided by influence from the spiritual world.
  • Resistance is futile, since you would be trying to impose physical resistance against an unseen foe.
  • Instead, Preparation is key.
  • Any other issue is simply noise in the grander scheme of this framework.

Belief Related Questions

  1. What are your beliefs? / Are you a Christian? / Do you believe in God? / Why do you spread so much doom and gloom? Didn't Jesus teach us to spread the good news? (or something similar)
  2. You have to consider Islam / Buddhism / Mysticism / Christianity (or some other man-made religion)
  3. What's the purpose of this grand plan. Why 3 World Wars? Why a New World Order? Who benefits from all of this?
  4. If what you say is true, and nothing can be done to alter this, then perhaps it would be better for us NOT to know?
  5. If what you're saying is true, surely your life is in danger - are you not scared of being tracked down and eliminated?
  6. Why do you provide all this information? / What is your benefit? / Why is my subscription "valuable to you"? / Why do you make all this effort? (or something similar)
  7. Who funds or sponsors this site? (Or what is the color of the cash that influences the thinking behind this site?
  8. How can you prove you're not just another one of THEM - collecting Mail and IP addresses of those that should be monitored?
  9. Do you acknowledge the Holocaust?
  10. What are your political beliefs?

If what you're saying is true, surely your life is in danger - are you not scared of being tracked down and eliminated?

A.  The Scriptures warn us that we must not hide our light under a bushel, and I've seen far too many churches and others in positions of responsibility doing exactly that: hiding the light of the truth by not teaching the concept of Conspiratorial History.  People who are honest and sincere, and have no ulterior motives, do not go underground.  They stand up to be counted and take the consequences, knowing that the worst that can happen is their mortal lives can be taken.

In short, no I don't fear for my life.  I believe I'm fulfilling a purpose and I believe this is what God wants me to do.  His purpose may include my death as a result of this work and if that is the case I gladly accept it.  That said, I do take as many precautions as I can to ensure my privacy, and it's something you should do too.

There is a second part to this answer:  I believe that the plan for Three World Wars is well developed and almost complete, and those engaged in the carrying out of these plans are no longer concerned by the puny efforts this and other conspiracy websites make to expose their schemes.  In this respect they are somewhat arrogant, believing that no matter how many times their scheme is exposed, it's too late for anyone to stop the inevitable outcome.  For that reason alone, 'they' won't concern themselves with people like myself.

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OK, I've read everything on your site, and don't really understand the purpose of this grand plan.  Why 3 World Wars?  Why a New World Order?  What's going on?  Who benefits from all of this?

A.  What an excellent question - clearly an indication you've been thinking.  Unfortunately the answer is not an easy one.  I'm currently working on my understanding of an answer, and it should be ready some time soon.  Please subscribe to the newsletter if you'd like to be notified once I publish it - all subscribers will be offered this booklet at a hugely reduced rate once it's published.

In the interim, here is my short answer:

The NWO is a satanically inspired plan, hence the continuity over more than 4 generations.  If the NWO were ONLY a human endeavor, the plan would have limited success.  I believe that events on this earth are simply a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle going on around us, between Satan and God (your religion may have different names, but the concept is the same).  Leaders of the NWO are thus influenced by real yet unseen spirits, and will therefore achieve a certain level of success, greater than what can be humanly achieved, as long as God allows them dominion.

If I were to summarize my "helicopter view of the Universe and all things within it", it would be thus:

  1. The Universe was created by a Supreme Being;
  2. The Universe was created with both physical and spiritual worlds;
  3. Before this world (Earth) was created, other worlds were created, both physical and spiritual, and there was harmony;
  4. At some time before this world was created, a revolution occurred in the spiritual world, caused by some of the Creator's creatures challenging His right to supreme authority over the entire universe;
  5. As a result of this revolt, the Supreme Being expelled the leader of the revolt, who took with him most of his followers.  The Universe was thus divided into "Good" and "Evil";
  6. Ever since Earth was created (after the expulsion), the Evil forces have been working to destroy Earth and all mankind.  This is in retaliation to the Supreme Being, because He would not allow the Evil forces to take any credit for the creation of Earth.

Without getting into detail, this view is supported by Scripture, other prophecies and numerous secular 'tales', including that Satan has been allowed dominion over the earth for a limited period until the Supreme Being returns to restore order.

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What are your beliefs? / Are you a Christian? / Do you believe in God? / Why do you spread so much doom and gloom?  Didn't Jesus teach us to spread the good news? How can I forcefully impose my belief system on you so that you will reflect MY beliefs on your site? (or something similar).

A.  This is a fairly lengthy and forceful answer, because:

  1. I don't wish to entertain arguments about my beliefs, since my beliefs are personal and I daresay, firmly tested and grounded - if you don't like them or this site, please leave;
  2. I detest the labels currently associated with most belief systems, including the 5 largest world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism).  If I called myself a Christian many thinking individuals would discount the message conveyed on this site because of the negative labels Christianity has in the minds of many;
  3. I have to be forceful in this answer to hopefully reduce the number of email attacks I receive on a weekly basis from those who are currently enslaved by their own belief system and wish to impose it on me. 

That said, I have a Christian (Baptist) background.  I attended a Baptist church regularly until my late twenties.  I now seldom attend any form of organized religion.  When I find one that teaches ABSOLUTE truth I will start attending again.  (Please see the next question before recommending one).

I've mentioned my Christian background since it's important that you know which belief system strongly influences my thinking (it's inevitable that at least one of the organized religions will affect any individual).  However, I disagree strongly with many current Christian beliefs, because they are clearly not biblical.  (For example, the Sabbath is biblically a Saturday, not a Sunday.  If Christians can't get something as simple as this correct, what other beliefs are incorrect?) 

Many churches err significantly in what is taught, and the vast majority of church leaders have no clue about what's really happening in the world today, or refuse to preach it because they fear the consequences.  Because of this, many non-Christians are fed-up with the wishy-washy attitude most Christians have, and will not be prepared to read a website which carries an overt Christian message.  The purpose of this site is not to convert anyone to any religion.  The purpose of this site is to provide thought-provoking World War Three and End Times material for all, of whatever race or religion you may or may not be.  I believe this is my calling and forms part of my life purpose.

If you are looking for overtly Christian sites with a similar message about the coming Planned World War Three, here's a good place to start

ThreeWorldWars will never become overtly religious or promote any one religion over another, no matter how many emails you send me trying to convince me otherwise.  I respect Cutting Edge's work, which is why I've recommended them to you above.  Each to his own - please respect my stand.

For those who are concerned, yes, I enjoy a personal relationship with a Supreme Being, who miraculously created this Universe in a short space of time i.e. not by evolution.  I choose to call him God, because that's what I'm most comfortable with.  But I also know that He places far less importance on a name than we do, and he is quite comfortable being called a variety of different names.  (Incidentally, EVERY major religion states that theirs is the only true religion which will lead to enlightenment.)  This relationship transcends anything I could possibly have experienced while under the constraints of a traditional Christian church.  I could never have put this site together while 'worshipping at church'.

While I do not agree with many errant Christian teachings, I DO acknowledge the Bible as the only scientifically, empirically proven, inerrant source document.  This book is not at variance with any proven scientific fact and shows an internal concordance of knowledge of the world of science which the initial writers could not have had, except for its inspiration by an Outside Mind. The Biblical World View is thus the only scientifically proven paradigm (way of looking at life).

I have thought and prayed long and hard about any religious message conveyed on ThreeWorldWars, so please don't email me telling me I'll burn in hell because I'm not doing what Jesus commanded.  Your email will simply be deleted and you will not influence my thinking in the slightest.  You'll be wasting your time and mine. 

If you feel so strongly about it, may I suggest that you direct your efforts to setting up your own website, with what you believe to be the 'good news'.

Consider this: I am reaching on average 1,000 new readers per day, from all walks of life, and from all religions, with a message that assists in making sense of the world we find ourselves in  (I know this from the hundreds of testimonials I receive).  This is not my own effort alone, and would never be successful without the blessing of the Supreme Being.  How many have you enlightened today about current and End Time events with your overt (often flawed and confusing) religious message?

If you are hoping to convince me of another belief system, please also see the next question.

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You really must consider [insert your personal belief system here].  It is the ONLY way to survive in this world and the next.  (or something similar).

I appreciate the concern and love in which this request is intended, but please understand that I receive at least 6 requests/suggestions/rants of this nature a week.  If I were to investigate everything sent my way I'd end up in the local mad-house.

So here's the deal.  I will seriously investigate your religion on one condition: you seriously evaluate my belief system first.  Unless you do so, you are purely trying to force your belief system on me - and since I did not ask for it, and I know nothing about you, it's unlikely I'll pay much attention to your request.

To evaluate my belief system, read through this website carefully.  Once complete, send me a one page summary comparing the FT Ethos (my belief system) with your religion.  Any convincing comparison will receive my due attention, and believe me, I take this sort of thing very seriously.  Which is why I want you to take it seriously too.

By the way, I have studied (but not immersed myself in) the teachings and holy books of the following religions (in no particular order).  None of them were convincing enough to adopt - sorry.

  • Traditional Christianity (all major denominations)
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Catholicism
  • Satanism
  • Atheism
  • Mormonism
  • Seventh Day Adventists

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If what you say is true, and nothing can be done to alter this, then perhaps it would be better for us NOT to know? What is the point of telling us about all the horrors that await us, if all we can do is sit back and watch it happen? Don't you think people would rather bask in their ignorance than go mad with sheer terror before being tortured and executed at the end of the world?

A.  There are two parts to this answer.  The first refers to PAST events, and the second refers to FUTURE events.

Past Events

I agree that worrying about events in the past is pointless.  This includes all other conspiracy sites who espouse all sorts of theories about past events, while ignoring the most important issue: how past events can be extrapolated to predict the direction of future world events.  I believe it's important to understand the Conspiratorial Nature of History, without worrying about the individual events in isolation.  This simply serves to confuse the issue and cloud the mind with irrelevant distractions.

Future Events

Again, I agree that worrying about whether the next terrorist attack will affect you personally is a waste of time: If it's your time to go, nothing you can do will change that.

However, I disagree strongly that we should stick our heads in the sand as far as trends are concerned.  History is replete with examples of people who refused to see the obvious signs, chose to do nothing, and were exterminated as a result.

Something led you to this site, and the fact that you're reading this answer indicates to me that you HAVE already accepted that things are not as they seem.  Simply accepting that fact and not doing anything about is, in my opinion, the most foolish and defeatist thing in the world.  The best preparation you can achieve is to understand the trends we're seeing, and slowly make adjustments to your mindset and lifestyle, so that when the doodoo does hit the fan, you'll be ready to take massive and immediate action.

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Who sponsors the site? / Which organization is behind the site?

A.  This site is developed, maintained and funded solely by private, independent individuals in the interests of spreading the news.  The views expressed on the site (excluding the blog ang forum) are the non-partisan views of the site owner.  No direct funding is received from any organization or church, so the views expressed are not influenced in any way.  It is this fact alone which makes the site unique and refreshingly different from the controlled mass media.

A small revenue stream is generated by the placement of generic adverts in certain locations on the site.  This small revenue covers some of the expense of running the site and ensures that this resource will always remain free.  The adverts are not selected by me, and I have little control over what is displayed.  Google places these ads based on the content of the page being displayed.  For this reason, you may occasionally see adverts which support a cause contrary to the message of this site.  If you see such an ad, please contact me with full details so that I can ensure it is filtered in future.  The placement of these adverts does not imply direct funding or any relationship apart from commercial with the advertiser.

To stress again: this site is absolute, autarchic, autonomous, free-wheeling, individualistic, liberated, liberating, non-aligned, non-partisan, self-determining, self-governing, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, separate, sovereign, unaided, unallied, unconnected, unconstrained, uncontrolled, and unregimented.

Just the way life should be.

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Why do you provide all this information in an attempt to fill the gap left by the controlled media? / What is your benefit? / Why do you make all this effort? (or something similar)

A.  Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to quote Edward Everett Hale:

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do."

This website is my attempt to do something.

I don't believe this planned World War 3 can be stopped.  I don't believe any form of resistance will achieve any lasting outcome.  So you won't find me waving placards, organizing armed uprisings or writing letters to Congress.  These efforts are all a waste of time (for me anyway - maybe others can achieve a level of success, although I have yet to see any favorable outcome from efforts such as these).

But I do believe that this site might help a small group of thinking individuals to understand near future events, and in doing so assist in making their preparations.  If this site is instrumental in saving one person's life in the coming war, the effort will have been worthwhile.

‘Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire’ - Inscribed in Hebrew on a ring given to Oskar Schindler at the end of the movie, Schindler's List.

There is a second part to this answer, which refers to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  The highest needs that humans strive to meet are those of:

  • Self-Actualization and
  • Self-Transcendence

I've been fortunate to lead an extremely full and fulfilling life.  I've been provided all I need to fill the lower level needs, and I am being driven by a desire to meet the need for self-actualization.  This is my way of giving back, and it's my heartfelt desire that the effort will be seen as it was intended.

Finally, your subscription is valuable to me since it's the only measure of how effective this site is.  I do not ask for payment - your email address, together with the 10,999 others on file, are a daily reminder that the effort I put into the site is appreciated by every person represented by every single email address I have on file.

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How can you prove you're not just another one of THEM - collecting Mail and IP addresses of those that should be monitored?

A.  In short, I can't prove this conclusively to you, and you are right to be cautious.  All I can do is give you my word that I operate independent of any system, and hope that as you spend time reading this site, my passion and commitment to the truth will convince you of this.  Also, would it make sense for one of them to provide you with all of this information?

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Do you acknowledge the Holocaust?

A.  The Holocaust was a provable event in history.  Millions of Jewish people were killed.  The Holocaust was a horrible tragedy.  WW2 was an even greater tragedy for humanity as a whole.  As a result of WW2, almost 60 million people were killed.  We must remember and honor the millions of people killed in WW2

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What are your political beliefs?

A.  I have absolutely NO political beliefs.  I am a citizen of the world, and instead of opposing or supporting any particular political party, I will instead relocate myself as I wish to areas which offer me the best the world has to offer, including a political environment.

To accuse me of being 'far leaning left' because I compare Bush to Hitler, is just as ludicrous as calling me Conservative because I occasionally quote Bible verses. 

Politics is a farcical game designed to distract the masses while the real business of war is played out in the shadows.

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