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Welcome to the Cold, Hard Truth about World War 1, World War 2 and the current World War 3.


Next:   An Introduction to the Conspiratorial Nature of History.  Learn how all historical events of importance have happened by design.

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What This Means

Discover the Truth About World Wars


Are you losing sleep because you don't know what's happening in this world of ours?

Sick of the constant babble spewed forth from almost all network news stations, where they seem to say so much, and yet inform so little about what is clearly the current World War Three?

Desperate in your quest to find the real reason events are transpiring the way they are, and yet not finding any answers?

Want to know when World War Three started?

Do you understand the bigger picture?

Are you really able to stand back and grasp the helicopter view of current events?  Are you too easily influenced by the useless 'news' regurgitated by today's controlled media?  Are you bombarded by too much information of inconsequential import to be able to 'time out' and understand where this is all leading?  Wouldn't the way you live your life be vastly different if you understood what's happening around you?

If you don't know how much of recent history has been manipulated to achieve the desires of powerful leaders, you may be setting yourself up for treatment similar to those who suffered in the German concentration camps in the 1940's. 


Well read on to see how we can justify this statement.  Here's your opportunity to learn about the Conspiratorial Nature of History, and how all events of historical significance have been planned and engineered.  Here's what an astute politician said, 9 months before the tragic events of 9/11:

"A new Middle East war of the general type and implications indicated, will occur or not, whether or not certain specified incidents materialize. It will occur only if the combination of the Israeli government and certain Anglo-American circles wish to have it occur. If they should wish it to occur, the incidents to 'explain' that occurrence, will be arranged, just as the Hitler regime concocted the incidents used as pretext for the invasion of Poland.

"Contrary to widespread childish opinion, most of the important things that happen in the world, happen because powerful forces intend them to happen, not because of some so-called 'sociological' or other merely statistical coincidence of the types reported for the popular edification of the easily deluded. The new Bush administration wishes to settle accounts with Iraq, in memory of the passions of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former U.S. President George Bush. As long as that remains a prevalent Anglo-American intention, a new Middle East war, bigger than any yet seen, is more or less inevitable under presently reigning global influences, whether or not any significant number of Israeli or Islamic leaders wish it to occur."

Lyndon Larouche, January 27, 2001 -

(While I don't always agree with Larouche's viewpoints, his comment is certainly food for thought.)

So what will you do?

You can continue to believe the fairy tale of the 'War on Terror' if it makes you sleep better at night (and if your sense of credulity can stand the burden!)  Or you can go back to your controlled TV news, pretend this problem doesn’t exist, and let Messrs. Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings do your thinking for you while the world destroys itself thanks to the influence of a corrupt few.

Or, you can muster the moral and intellectual courage to free your mind from bondage and face the ugly truth for what it is. You can join the 'extremists' and make a commitment to share the horrible truth with others, or, you can smirk, roll your eyes, and 'pooh-pooh' everything you’ll read here.

The choice is yours. History and posterity will judge your actions accordingly. To borrow a line from Maximus, hero of the film Gladiator: "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."

What's the catch?

People often ask me why I give so much valuable information free on this website, when others either want a subscription or at least a registered email. My answer is simple. I've learned from some fantastic people, and I could never give back. This is my way of giving forward.

Which is why the information you'll read here, and in the 3WW newsletter, will be extremely comprehensive, always well-researched, and always free. The site is supported by carefully selected advertisers and your support of them would be much appreciated.

If you doubt the value of this site, even for a nanosecond, here are just three of hundreds of testimonials from readers like you. This will alleviate your fear about having to browse through yet another pointless website.

"ThreeWorldWars is a unique resource. We've all seen over-the-top conspiracy sites that devolve into a bizarre mix of mutually exclusive theories, lacking any sort of documentation, and trailing off into a bizarre assessment of the meddling in human affairs by supernatural descendants of ancient prophets and other worldly beings. Such an approach seriously stretches the ability of the common man to suspend his disbelief (and common sense) to allow him to seriously explore alternative theories on modern world history. provides a rational, researched and documented, review of modern warfare and the events that led to the armed conflicts in the first place. Gone are the endless vague references to Boogieman style Templars in league with Satan and little green (or grey if you prefer) men from Zeta Reticula. What is left is a very readable, connect-the-dots approach connecting the ruling elites of the world in a web of complicity in the armed conflicts of the past and present.  I highly recommend it."
'Smiley_K', Houston, Texas

"I'm waiting for the catch. I've been waiting for weeks. But I'm beginning to conclude that there isn't one. Michael's website and newsletter continues to provide me with all the valuable background and researched facts he claims it does. I'm a committed fan."
James McKay, Edinburgh, Scotland

The purpose of this website

I've spent way too many hours on the internet. And I'm sick of conspiracy theories that are not validated, and information that's mostly fluff. The reason I set up this website was to make sure you get the best possible information on the real truth behind major events in world history, so that you can see where current events are heading.  You won't find yet more (mis)information for any and all conspiracy theories out there, since I don't want to repeat anything you're likely to read elsewhere.  Instead you'll find an expose on why conspiracy theories exist.

No doubt you'll not agree with everything you read here, but that's OK.  While I've been very careful to verify apparent facts, there may well be errors in some of the history presented here - history is replete with examples of discarded 'truths'.  In fact, I'd be quite concerned if you agreed with everything, since there are some hard-to-believe theories here.  All I ask is that you consider the bigger picture and form your own opinion after reviewing what's available here.  And bear in mind that responsible dissent is a contribution to understanding and dialogue.

I suggest you explore the various sections of this site, and only then, sign up for the ThreeWorldWars newsletter. This is published very roughly once a fortnight. The newsletter is FREE, but it's not a hastily put-together document. Each newsletter is extremely comprehensive in its detail. You'll find the information easy to read, simple to understand, and historically sound.

Three reasons why you should subscribe to the newsletter

Reason 1: Like this site, there are no annoying pop-ups, psychedelic shooting stars, weird sounds, or general clutter so often found on other sites. That alone should clue you in.
Reason 2: There are hundreds of testimonials for the newsletter. People before you have tested it and found it to be extremely valuable.
Reason 3: Only 16 articles are open for public viewing on this site. The rest are hidden, and there are many more to come, but will not be posted in the public area. Most people can't comprehend all the information we have at once (because of a lifetime of conditioning), so consider this site the 'taster'.  The main course is dished up in the newsletter.  In addition, I'll send recommendations of other sites I find, but only if they meet the high standard I expect on your behalf.

So go on, grab yourself a herbal tea (ok, make that a coffee), and something to eat. You're going to be on this site for a long, long time, so you might as well get comfortable.

Feel free to print everything out, although be aware that if you use your browser's print feature you should print it in landscape format to avoid the right hand section disappearing off the page (or use the 'Print This Page' feature in the top right hand corner of every page.)

Oh, I nearly forgot.  We have a wonderfully supportive community ready to answer any question you may have.  If you think of something to ask while you're browsing, please stop by (link in upper right hand of every screen) - you'll find fantastic input, and a truly caring bunch, of whom I'm very proud.  And grateful.  I hope you'll join us, as this is the quickest way of getting help.  Emails to me occasionally go unanswered for a few days, purely because of the volume of work this site requires.

To start your journey, allow me to introduce you to the concept of the  Conspiratorial Nature of History.  An unfamiliar term?  Don't worry, all will become clear in just a minute.

Enjoy your sojourn!

Next: The Conspiratorial Nature of History





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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.