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Hegelian Dialectics Definition: Dialectic  is an exchange of propositions (theses) and counter-propositions (antitheses) resulting in a synthesis of the opposing assertions.

Hegel's Dialectic,  comprises three dialectical stages of development: a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis.

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The German Idealist George Hegel believed that all historical events emerge from a conflict between opposing forces. These forces create a thesis which encourages the emergence of an opposing ideology called an antithesis. In some cases opposing forces may desire to create an outcome according to its own thesis but this is not a practical result of any conflict and therefore a compromise must be reached by both forces. The forces that have created the conflict normally have the same goal in mind. This predetermined result which we call the synthesis is the only real cause and reason for the conflict. When a synthesis is reached the process begins again. The synthesis acts as the new thesis by which conflict is renewed by another antithesis.

History is therefore a long series of conflicts, the greatest of which is the conflict of ideologies which seek to enslave the minds of individuals and societies to conform with a synthesis. History invariably shows that societies are less resilient to cultural programming than individuals. In other words it is easier to indoctrinate an entire nation than it is to make an individual accept an antithetical point of view. In this way conflicts arise between groups, both of which may or may not be right in their views.

There are essentially three sides to any controversy: yours, mine and the truth. Just like any other conflict, the difference between the conventional interpretations of history (the thesis and the antithesis), and the truths of history (the synthesis) are matters of debate. What we have attempted to show here are facts from an antithetical point of view without the disputed theories which usually accompany them. The result is an account of history which is intended to be as representative of the truth as anything you will find. It is left for the reader to decide which details should and should not be believed, but it must always be remembered that without an antithesis there can be no synthesis.

Much of what we will cover will is too discomfiting for many people to accept. This doesn't make the content false or untrue by itself, and the fault of misunderstanding does not lie with those who reveal an antithetical paradigm but with those who remain subjective according to their own bias. Our goal is to merely to provide a brief and succinct survey of important trends and true causes of wars and conflicts, not to prevent or stop them, but so that the reader may be left with a general understanding of his or her place in this world with all the necessary information to act accordingly and with the correct interpretations for future studies.

The facts are that there is a plan in effect to establish a synthesis which is a single world government and a single world religion which will encompass all of humanity. It was masterminded by a relatively small group of cooperative individuals carefully selected to manage large populations of people and all aspects of their societies and cultures. In terms of government it is an oligarchy with despotic intentions and it is already in place. To date this plan has been persistent and successful in accomplishing its overall objectives.

The internationalist movement has had many facets over the years and a continuous history of conspiracy to advance an internationalist cause cannot be easily traced to its beginnings with any certainty. For practical purposes we will begin our study with the emergence of the group which calls itself the New World Order. In this chapter we will show the reasons and purposes behind the New World Order before moving on to how it has manifested itself and accomplished its goals.

The details of the variety of agents of this New World Order are trivial if not insignificant. Like the Hydra of Greek mythology it cannot be killed by decapitation. Where one agent falls two rise to take its place, and due to the esoteric and secretive nature of these groups and their rituals it is virtually impossible to gain more than a general understanding of what they are trying to achieve as a whole. Furthermore, the initiates of secret societies may pass through all the ranks of their particular factions without ever gaining knowledge of the secret they serve. This is a cosmic struggle between good and evil ultimately directed by the same forces no matter who their pawns are.

What ThreeWorldWars has done here is attempt to expose the negative forces in this ongoing conflict and trace the diabolical agents to their sources to give the reader a general understanding of how the world has turned out the way it has and what lies in store for us in the future. It certainly didn't happen by accident.


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Our matter-of-fact approach should not be mistaken for abandonment of scientific rigor. It is the result of conviction, the kind of conviction which happens by way of reason and an understanding which transcends the need for digression--the kind of conviction which inspires men to tell the truth.

While the facts already stated are indisputable as history and current events clearly show, the details of this global conspiracy are shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Therefore as sources we must rely on individuals who have had inside knowledge of the actual events in order to comprehend who or what this group of megalomaniacs is and what they have been striving to achieve. These individuals, almost invariably sworn to secrecy on pain of excruciating death, have rarely stepped forward to expose the conspiracy, and so the details are subject to interpretation and speculation. Despite all this the facts are still facts; to remain objective you must not be distracted from the overall message if there are any errors or inconsistencies.


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