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Resources to assist you in preparing for the coming tough times ahead.

Now is the time to begin the important relearning process on how to reconstruct after taxes and the NWO (and perhaps WW3) have come and gone.  See



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Wealth Creation & Preservation


How to Free Yourself of a Job

If you've read and understood the contents of this website, you'll recognize the need to ensure you have additional multiple streams of income.  What happens if you lose your job tomorrow, or if the economy continues falling because of ongoing war?  The opportunities recommended here ensure your independence by providing additional streams of income.

Online Wealth Creation

If you have never thought of running your own business, or are already running a small business and struggling, then here's a little golden nugget of advice:


One of the simplest and most lucrative ways of earning a second income is to learn about Internet Marketing.  I've laid out a number of easy options here: Internet Marketing.

You might also be interested in the discussion of Leverage in relation to your Wealth Creation abilities and your time.  The best example is a rock or pop star who records an album once and continues earning royalties forever after.  This is impossible to achieve while earning a

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Wealth Creation & Preservation

Harvey Firestone, founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, stated,

"There is no limit to the extent a person will go to avoid hard thinking. In business, a person will attempt to fill his schedule with details in order to avoid hard thinking."

What Firestone implied by "hard thinking" is integrated thinking. Integrated thinking is required for all money-making actions.

Integrated thinking requires DTC (Discipline, Thought, and Control). The DTC method was first developed by Frank R. Wallace in his book 'The Advanced Concepts of Poker.' To perform actions that increase the bottom line, an intense focusing of one's brain is required. Money-making essence actions by their nature are self-initiated actions. Thus, such actions can only be orchestrated by an individual's own thinking. No one else can tell that individual what to do. One must break out of a following mode and think on his own. Yet, most employees have been in a following mode all their working lives. They report to work and do what they are told. They perform pre-set responsibilities. They do not create new, money-making work for themselves.

For most people, the inherently independent and creative nature of integrated thinking is a difficult, new way of thinking. The integrated thinking necessary to enact money-making actions requires constantly reviewing and integrating situations throughout the day and into the night as new pieces of information become available, as feedback is obtained through a constant testing of ideas. Unlike most business activities, there is no pre-set format or routine to follow with integrated thinking. Correct, brain-sweating thought must constantly be exerted by that individual alone." -- Integrated Thinking: The Essence of Power and Wealth.



High Income Warnings

In your search for online income opportunities, you will encounter thousands of well written, professional websites promising that they are the BEST deal for you.  It's often easy to fall for their slick sales copy, but beware and keep your wits about you.  See my Online Product Assessment Guidelines before being scammed.




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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.